Mark Lundgren has 25 years of successful investigative, analytical and managerial experience as a Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI.  An experienced LE trainer, Mark retired in November 2016 from the FBI and serves as the Director of Church Security Training for LionHeart.  Mark is also the leader of a large volunteer church security team that has set the bar for best practices in the Midwest.  With a clear passion for equipping churches to prepare for the growing threats against churches and organizations Mark wrote a comprehensive training and operations manual for his team that has been praised as “one of the best found, inside or outside of Government.”  Mark has developed practical and current training courses for churches and other organizations that provide both information and inspiration for how to develop simple but effective security plans. Additionally, Mark recently founded the Regional Church Security Director’s Working Group in the Chicago Metropolitan area that shares best practices and critical intelligence.



Secret Service Special Agent, U.S. Customs Special Agent


Special FBI Agent, LE trainer, Director of Church Security Training


Senior Instructor - SWAT, Active Shooter and Firearms

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